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Printing Products
Mailing and Design

Preparing Files

Our prices are based on files that fit the guidelines below. If you are unable to prepare your files, our pre-press design team can accomplish this for you. Fees vary by the job. Undercover Printer is not responsible for files that fail to meet pre-press specifications.

We will review your file briefly, and inform you of any major problems, however, we do not guarantee catching typos or ordering the wrong paper finish for your needs, etc. For best results, please follow the guidelines below. If you have problems or questions - please call us at 888/353.4035.

Bleeds and File Size

  • Files under 50MB are accepted. If you have an especially large file, please contact Support.
  • ALL files with bleed should be built with an extra 0.25" This should be added to the document size. No crop marks, please.
  • Safe Zone-Please allow for a 1/16" area around your critical elements (text, images, logos, etc.) for accuracy in trimming.
  • Borders: NOT RECOMMENDED as trimming may render the borders slightly uneven!
  • If you are not sure-DOWNLOAD our layout guides for accuracy!
  • If your file has text or images that bleed off the edge, be sure the content that you want in the final product fits inside the "Safe Zone" as specified in the templates.

Correct Set-up for Print
Example: Business Card

    • File size that you send us: 2.25"x3.75"
    • Final Product Size: 2"x3.5"
biz card

Color Mode

  • All color documents and images should be in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) format. If it is not, some shifting in color may occur. If you want your exact PMS (Pantone) color, please ask about our custom orders.
  • All black & white documents should be in grayscale mode.

File Format

  • Please save your file as a high resolution .pdf with all type converted to outlines and at least a 300 dpi resolution. We also accept: .jpg, .jpeg, .eps, .tif, .tiff.
  • You must convert Word, Publisher, or Power Point Files to pdf before sending. On Office Documents, this is called "printing" or "publishing" to a pdf and is a free downloadable software available below:


  • Please convert all type to outlines before saving.
  • Embed all fonts and images into your .pdf file.


  • Images
    • Images used in your design should have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher in order for them to appear crisp and clear on your final product. We are not responsible for pixilated images!
  • Overall File
    • Please be sure your overall design in rasterized at 300 dpi or higher and is saved as a high resolution .pdf.

If your file meets all of the above specifications, it is considered "Print Ready."

Still need more guidance? Visit our Help page.
If you have not found your answer please Contact Us.

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