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Sample Request Form

Please fill out form below to receive our sample pack. We use many of our client's pieces in our sample packs to show you variety in color and design on each piece. Pack includes at least one each of :

Business Cards:
14pt UV Cover
14pt Premium Uncoated Cover
10pt Recycled Satin Cover
12pt Recycled Satin Matte
16pt Dull Matte Cover

Brochure on 100lb gloss text
Brochure on 80lb Recycled text

14pt UV postcard
14pt UV Rip Business Card Postcard
14pt UV Bookmark with uncoated BW back

4"x4" Crack and Peel Sticker

Top Secret Trade Show brochure

If there is another sample that you specifically need, please call our Support Commandos at 888.353.4035.

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