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Small Business

Small Business
What is Your First Impression?

Take a look in your wallet or purse. How many brochures or postcards do you have from other companies? None? Now, how many business cards from people you've met? Let's face it, business cards are the one marketing piece that people keep. They are small, have all the necessary contact information, and, if produced creatively, hold your brand that makes you memorable.

So, if the business card is one the one marketing piece that people keep and remember, shouldn't you spend more of your marketing dollars designing and printing a card that stands out from the rest and ensures your brand is at the front of their minds? Shouldn't your business card be a showpiece of your company? There are a ton of ways to get this done, without breaking the bank.

Until now, a custom card with embossing or die cut features has been a very expensive job to produce, especially if you wanted only one or two sets produced. A die had to be made (usually $150+) and the labor to produce just your little set of cards made the price of this one set over $500. Thanks to laser technology, we are able to produce shorter runs of cards at very affordable prices and the results are gorgeous!

Some of the processes that we offer for custom cards are:

  • Spot UV and 3D Spot UV
  • Laser Die Cuts
  • Embossing & Foil Stamping
  • Double Layer Die Cuts
  • Sparkle Varnish
  • Metallic Inks
  • Custom Sizse & Shapes

Call us for an estimate on your unique business card today!

Small Business

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