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Corp Support
Small Business

Sample Requests

We offer the highest quality in all that we do, but understand the need to touch and feel the product before you buy. Depending on your needs, most samples are free of charge, but occasionally incur a small shipping fee to get them to you.

Apparel & Fabric Items
Determining Size, Shape, Color and Quality is sometimes difficult when looking online, especially for women's styles. We have a stored supply of our most popular t-shirts and polos for you to choose from, either by having a rep stop into your office, or by mail. Please call us about getting a sample of an apparel item prior to purchasing to be sure you are ordering the best item for your project.

Promotional Items, Awards, Corporate Gifts
Promo items with the same name are definitely NOT all the same! Many items will look itentical and be a completely different quality. It is best to confer with our Client Liaisons to decide which product works for you. If you would like a sample of a particular product, just call or email us and we will get one right out to you.

Display Materials
Wondering what "4oz flag" or "13ml Vinyl" actually feels like? Trying to determine whether our standard table throw fabric and vinyl colors will match your brand? We have samples of most materials on hand to show you.

Trade Show Displays & Banner Stands
While we can't send you a "sample" of a trade booth, we do have small scale versions of some of our booths and several of our more popular banner stands on hand to show you. We can have a rep stop by your office for a demo, if you are interested. Don't forget that all of our hardware (not printed graphics, sorry) is 100% returnable if it is not what you are hoping for.

Printed Collateral
Because we offer so many varieties of printed collateral, business cards, stickers, labels, postcards and brochures, it is best to contact us about your specific needs so that we can send you the right item.

More information
Please fill out the form below to request more information. Please remember your password as this also reserves an account in our system. A Client Liaison will contact you shortly!

Need an answer sooner? Call us during regular business hours at 888.353.4035.


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