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When is the last time you threw out a perfectly good gift card? Exactly! Our pop-out plastic gift card mailers generate 5-10x the response than any other mailer.

The Triple Threat
Valuable - The Pop-Out gift card will stay in your prospect's wallet a lot longer than an entire postcard will hang around.
Personalized - Add your client's name, business name, or any other personalized data ANYWHERE on the card, front AND back! A guaranteed attention grabber!
Results! The return on a properly planned gift card mailer far outweighs the small investment.

A few businesses that benefit from Gift Card Mailers:

  • Trade Show: Get prospects to your booth with a pre-show incentive!
  • Restaurant: $ off or Buy 1 Get 1
  • Mortage Company: $ Off Closing
  • Gyms & Other Member Driven Organizations : Free Trial Pass
  • Pizza, Sub Shops, Delis, Yogurt Bars: Frequent Purchase Punch Cards
  • Auto Service: Bonus with Maintenance or Oil Change
  • Residential Service Companies: Free Estimate, Free Extra with Purchase, $ OFF

View basic pricing HERE or contact us to get started on your mailing project!


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