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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of file should I send you?
All of our file requirements are detailed on the Preparing Files page. Be sure to follow those guidelines to get the best possible results!

I don't understand how to set up files! Can you help?
Yes. We have a design team standing by to help get your files ready for print. We do not accept Word or Publisher files-be sure to contact us for help!

Can I request spot (PMS) color?
Yes, on certain items. For letterhead, envelopes and notepads, we can print with spot color.

Do you have other printing options besides the ones listed on your site?
Yes. Please email us at with your custom request. Be as specific as you can about the order, including quantity, size, any folds or spot UV, and paper type. If possible, please include a copy of the file in pdf format.

What paper do you print on?
Depending on the product, we print on 14pt cardstock (business cards, postcards, bookmarks) and either 100lb book (text) or 100lb cover for paper stock (brochures, flyers, catalogs). We also have several options for your letterhead and envelopes. Please check the individual product for paper stock options.

What kind of press and line screen do you use?
All CMYK printing is done on a sheet fed press with a 200 line screen LPI. Color density less than 15% may not print.

What size do I prepare my file?
All files must be prepared with a bleed, even if the graphics do not bleed off the page. Please see Preparing Files for the specifics on your item. You can also Layout Guides for better accuracy.

How much is shipping?
We ship our orders either by UPS or DHL. Shipping fees are calculated from weight and quantity of your order.

When will I get my order?
The status of your order can be viewed on the My Account page. If you are wondering approximately how long it will take, please review the Turnaround Time page.


If you can´t find your answer here, please call Customer Care at 888.353.4035.

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